Our workflows are recommended protocols for our customers when capturing images for eventual printing by Dalmatian. These procedures are the first steps that allow us to provide you with the finest quality prints available. Our workflows are available in PDF format for easy printing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view and print PDF files. A free download of Acrobat Reader is available below.

Raw Workflow is, by far, the best way to shoot digitally. Raw capture is equivalent to shooting a negative with all the latitude that you have always known in traditional film. JPEG and Tiff both have their advocates, but for Custom Work and especially for Black and White, we believe Raw is the only way to go!

Scanning Workflow is important for any Traditional photographer who needs their negative scanned for further digital imaging or storage purposes. Dalmatian has a wide variety of scanning services available. This workflow will help you choose the best scan for your desired service and explain why the choice of scan is so important.

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