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A passion for Black and White. The classic timelessness of a fine print. The joy of creation. These are the principles that are the core of our lives and our company.

Dalmatian Black & White Custom Lab is a full service photographic center committed to bringing you the finest in Black & White prints. In today’s photographic world Black & White has become highly specialized and prized. Since our beginning, our customers have included some of the most successful photographers in the business. We provide expert service and passion for this art to a broad spectrum of professional, commercial and amateur clients. We care for both the traditionalists and those ascending to the new reaches of digital. Our lab is equipped with advanced technologies for the best in custom film development, enlarged proofs, automated prints, custom prints, and exhibition fiber prints. We have completed the digital loop providing you with an array of true Black & White silver gelatin RC and Fiber prints from digital files and the very best in fine art Giclée prints. Your art deserves to be printed by artists. Our master printers and skilled technicians can help you with all your Black & White needs. Thanks, and welcome.

Kathy, Pam, & Annie

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“Kathy & Pam by Annie”

Michael Graham
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Dalmatian Black & White Custom Lab, The Final Word in Black & White.