Dalmatian’s Exhibition Giclée service is a combination of intense artistic evaluation, technical Photoshop correction, and enhancement by our highly trained technicians. Each file receives proper B&W file conversion, cropping, custom borders, heavy dodging and burning, correct sharpening, and moderate retouching by a master printer. Images of this quality are ready for display in a gallery exhibition. Please see B&W Giclée prices and add 100%.


Dalmatian’s B&W Giclée prints are seamlessly created by artists whose darkroom experience along with state-of-the-art technology, makes our’s the finest process available today. Our Giclée prints are produced on an Epson 9600 with Cone Edition Piezography K7 inks. These seven shades of black pigmented inks along with the finest acid-free papers enjoy a longevity of 200 years or more. The quality and deeply rich continuous tonal range can exceed our best Traditional Custom Fiber Prints. While the process is still as time-consuming as its Traditional Fiber counterpart, the control and attention to detail can surpass that of conventional darkroom printing, making this truly “The Digital Fine Print”.

Choose from Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper or Epson Canvas in Warm or Cold tones. Hahnemühle Photo Rag with Warm Neutral inks and ⅛” borders are standard unless otherwise requested.


5×7 8×10 11×14 16×20 20×24 24×30 24×36 30×40 40×60
From Digital File 35.00 42.00 75.00 110.00 150.00 250.00 285.00 390.00 530.00
Quantity and Edition pricing available.

Normal Turnaround Time: 4-5 working days.
Rush services available.
Add’l Retouching or Restoration will be billed at $120/hr, $20 minimum.



  • Proper artistic evaluation
  • B&W file conversion
  • Cropping, dodging & burning
  • Custom borders
  • Light retouching
  • Proper sharpening


    Prices do not include Shipping.

    Mounting services available.


    From the book The Nugents

    “Working with Dalmatian and Pam Crist means working with very professional people who pay attention to detail.”

    David Spear
    Madison, NC

    Dalmatian Black & White Custom Lab, The Final Word in Black & White.